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Learn about Time Credits for volunteers on the 24th November

Tempo are partnering with City Bridge Trust to roll out Time Credits in Newham. This exciting pilot programme is free for voluntary organisations and groups to participate.

· - Tempo will deliver national forums and asset-based community development training to support groups to use Time Credits as a tool to increase connections and social action.

· - Time Credits are a community recognition tool that can be earned by volunteers, simply by giving their time.

· - Time Credits are used to access events, cinemas, theatres, training and leisure activities provided by public, community and private organisations.

· - In London, Tempo have a growing network where Time Credits are accepted by over 100 organisations, including the Barbican cinema, Uber boats, Tower bridge, Kew gardens and St Pauls.

· - Time Credits act as a thank you for the contributions people give to their community or service.

If you are a charity, a community group, or any other organisation that uses volunteers in Newham you are eligible to join the Time Credits Network.

Want to find out more about this programme and how to get involved? An introduction event is being held on Tuesday 24th November 2020 10:30-11:30

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