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Mental Health and young British Muslims

BCBN in collaboration with Mind in The City Hackney & Waltham Forest (CHWF) are inviting community leaders, subject area experts and service providers to complete this survey to help us identify and action practical steps in building upon the learning and recommendations highlighted in BCBN and the University of East London’s recent report, ‘Hidden Survivors: Uncovering the Mental Health Struggles of Young British Muslims’. The aim being to improve service delivery to ensure all the Muslim community have a fair and adequate pathway to support and recovery for their mental health and well-being. BCBN and Mind CHWF are working together to develop ‘Muslim Mind’, which aims to build a collaborative of faith-based and mental health service providers, community leaders and professionals that highlight, advocate and support the mental health and positive well-being of Muslim communities across the UK. The information you provide will inform and establish a community-led approach to a single “Muslim Mind Collaborative”, addressing the gaps and barriers around service delivery and access, creating viable partnership opportunities and outreach, seeking adequate pathways of support and integration and forming sustainable outcomes for long-lasting impact. The project are asking a wide range of organisations, services/and professionals to complete this survey so that they provide the opportunity to highlight their work/ services. The project will then be inviting representatives/ key organisations to participate in smaller focus groups to share best practice, build upon recommendations and support service design. How to complete the survey There are 2 parts to the survey and should take approx. 20-30 minutes to complete. You may find it helpful to liaise with others in your organisation/service or partnership if applicable. You may also share the survey with other mental health service providers working with Muslim communities and invite them to highlight their work and achievements for an opportunity to participate in shaping and developing a future Muslim Mind Collaborative. Part 1: Consists of questions regarding feedback on the Hidden Survivors report & recommendations. The report highlights survey findings, learning's and recommendations in relation to mental health and well-being of young British Muslims. Part 1 Survey Part 2: Consists of questions about your organisation/service in order for us to be able to profile current service provision. Your input and support can help us inform the service design and undertakings of a Muslim Mind Collaborative, working across sectors in supporting the mental health and well-being of Muslim communities across the UK. Part 2 Survey Please feel free to answer as many questions as you wish and the ones you feel are relevant to your organisation/service. Thank you in advance for your participation. If you would like further updates on the work of BCBN and/ or the Muslim Mind Collaborative please join our mailing list


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