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How to keep your online services safe

Many voluntary, community and faith groups have made the fantastic leap to delivering their activities on-line during the past year in Newham. But how do you ensure you pay attention to safeguarding when using these new approaches?

DigiSafe will help you build safeguarding measures into the design and delivery of your digital services. And it’ll help you do it in a way that cares for your users’ wellbeing and mental health.

This explosion of new digital services demands new digital safeguarding guidance.

Guidance on how to design services with safety, privacy and consent in mind.

And guidance on how to recognise safeguarding and privacy issues when delivering any service online.

DigiSafe addresses:

  • Risk assessing any service you intend to offer online

  • Designing new or existing online services with safety in mind

  • Recognising safeguarding issues when delivering services through digital platforms

Check out their website for more free advice


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