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Thrive LDN May 2020 Update: Mental Health Awareness Week

Thrive LDN update

May 2020


Thrive LDN Wellbeing Cards

We have been working with London Councils to develop hardcopy public mental health and wellbeing resources for vulnerable people with no or limited access to digital support. From this, we have developed a Thrive LDN wellbeing card pack – a small collection of six cards of tips and advice collated together. 

This week, 96,000 card packs were printed and are being distributed to borough shielding/food hubs for onward distribution in support parcels to residents.  We are also working with voluntary and community sector organisations so they are aware and can also make use of the packs. 


Sharing the messages online

We know that the messaging is useful for people who are online too. So as part of our Mental Health Awareness Week plans, we are asking Champions and partners to share digital content on channels to help amplify the messages. To support this, we have developed short videos that can be used on social media to present the tips and advice used in the packs with some further signposting to digital resources. 

We have created a social media toolkit that people can use here – alongside other things to share on social media next week.  Alternatively, keep your eye out on the Thrive LDN social media channels on Monday to reshare our content.



Please join and share the details of our free virtual events taking place next week:

Our City Together: how culture, collaboration and creativity can support Londoners wellbeing

An online panel discussion on the positive effects creativity and taking part in arts and cultural activity can have on mental health.

Tuesday, 19 May, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Creative Superpowers

An online workshop with Tom Philipson exploring how creativity can be a powerful thing for your wellbeing and your future

Wednesday, 20 May, 4.00pm-5.00pm

How can we cultivate softness in what is currently a very hard world to live in?

An online workshop with The Fandangoe Kid looking at being kind to ourselves and the reciprocal relationship this has with our mental health

Friday, 22 May, 2.30pm-4pm


If you are doing anything to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week / Creativity and Wellbeing Week, please let us know and we’d be happy to help promote this for you.


Thrive LDN

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