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Support available for Newham residents from Aston Mansfield


Our vision

We want to see more children, young people and families in Newham and east London leading happy healthy lives, realising their potential and unlocking their ambition. 

Our mission

Using an integrated and community focused approach we will make long-lasting change, offering opportunity, community and inspiration to children, families and young people in Newham and east London. 


Childcare Provision:

Little Manor are currently only providing an emergency response child care service for key workers at Manor Park out of the Froud Centre.

Youth Services:

Youth services and resources will be continued via online. Our young facilitators are using their time to support food banks and homeless people in their immediate areas. The Youth4Youth cohort are developing ideas around supporting young people during the Covid 19 outbreak. Our YAG team will be in contact with our families giving them support and updates on responding service in their community.


Our volunteer officer will continue to support and engages with individuals about volunteering in response to the Covid 19 outbreak.

Fitter Finances Programme:

The team will be providing resources and advice online to small charities, organisations and those who are trying to set up new and emerging charities. Support can be given via telephone or skype services on Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

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