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Small grants for Newham organisations to support last few days for EU citizens to register

If your group supports the community in Newham, please get in touch ASAP and receive £50 for helping raise awareness of the last few days for EU Citizens to register for the EUSS scheme and stay settled in Newham. For a grant of £50 all we ask is that you display posters and promote the scheme on your website / social media interaction. Larger grants of £300 are also available if you would be willing to hold an event where our specialist team could be on hand to answer questions from members of the community or your service users.

Please contact the EUSS Support Team direct, you can use the helpline or e-mail address below.

EUSS Multilingual Helpline: 0808 196 3510EUSS Support E-mail:

You can refer anyone who needs assistance in finding out if they need to apply or help with their application by phoning or emailing the above contact details or using this referral link


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