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Offers of Volunteers from ELBA (East London Business Alliance)

Sharing our Volunteer Support Survey with Newham voluntary-based organisations

We are working with our member companies to respond to community needs by creating many remote opportunities for business volunteers. This also includes details on employment services for local residents, information on our relief fund as well as information on accessing specific forms of professional advice/consultancy to help overcome this disruption. Please feel the survey below to help us support you better.

Here is the link to the survey:


East London Business Alliance builds the connection between businesses and local communities, bringing the time, skills and resources of the private sector, to help build the capacity of local organisations, support young people in education and place people into employment in London. ELBA makes community investment easier, more effective and more rewarding. The face of London is changing and ELBA’s 100+ corporate partners are at the heart of these changes. In the last year, ELBA helped place over 700 people into work in London through its award-winning employment programme, delivered over 16,000 business volunteers into the community, and worked with over 500 local organisations in east London.


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