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Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) COVID-19 Survey

In April 2020 NHS Newham CCG asked Intelligent Health to deliver a survey to gather some insight into how the Newham residents are thinking and feeling during the Coronavirus crisis.

The survey was carried out for a two- week period from 1-15 May 2020.

The topics covered were:

  • How residents are feeling and responding to the crisis and if it has made them more aware of their health, nutrition, activity levels and mental health.

  • What the symptoms of COVID-19 are and what to do if they or someone in their household has symptoms

  • If they believe they have access to good information about what to do if they become unwell and if they feel they understand the rules around staying at home and leaving home during the crisis

  • To find out about their access to services for mental health, immunisation, children’s services, planned care and delayed surgeries, and A&E.

A survey was created on SurveyMonkey and was hosted on the Newham Patient View platform.

For the full report please download the file.

Newham CCG COVID19 Survey Summary of res
Download • 50KB

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