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More funding for Food Bank services

Prime Minister recently announced a comprehensive package of support to help vulnerable families throughout the winter months and into spring (please go to this link for more information As part of this package, an additional £16 million has been allocated to the FareShare network to work with local charities across England, to provide food for those struggling due to the immediate impacts of the pandemic.

We understand that there is a need to support charities outside of FareShare’s current network. FareShare have assured us that where they have availability, they will look to support non-member charities.

If you run a small charity or community group that is interested in receiving free Government-funded food support there are various ways you can receive support. See

In order to access the food purchased with this grant from FareShare, there are certain logistical requirements you will need to meet. We have provided FareShare’s contact details below who can discuss these requirements with you.

Angus Lashwood, FareShare DEFRA Grant Project Support Officer

Any questions relating to the actual scheme or the wider food grant can be answered through the Defra assigned mailbox:

Kind Regards,

Defra Grant Team

Winter Food Grant Scheme | Covid - 19 Response | Food for Vulnerable People| Agri Food Chain Directorate

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Email:


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