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Matched Funding campaign for children's charities

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Applications for the Champions for Children campaign are now open until 5th March 2021

This is a matched-funding programme to provide unrestricted funds for charities ensuring they are able to continue to provide much-needed support to disadvantaged children and young people across London. Funds raised during Campaign Week are MATCHED from two different pots: pledge donors and Childhood Trust funds.

This campaign is designed to support charities through the longer-term impacts of Coronavirus pandemic and ensure continued support for vulnerable children and young people.

The fund is open to:

  • Charities working with vulnerable children and young people based in London

  • Charities with at least one set of accounts showing on the Charity Commission

  • Charities with over £25,000 income as per their last financial accounts

Total funds to be raised in the campaign must be between £4,000 and £100,000.

For more information follow this link

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