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Learn all about the NHS Covid-19 App

Together! 2012 is now producing NHS Covid-19 App briefings on YouTube

Are you a business, a voluntary organisation or a Newham resident who wants to find out more about the NHS Covid-19 App? Or are you looking for resources for your staff or service users? Together! 2012 CIC, voted 2019’s East London Community Heroes for their “outstanding contribution to community cohesion”, are now producing ‘AppDates’ 3 times a week on their livestream Together Unlocked!

AppDate follows the pilot in Newham from the beginning, and includes international digital artist and Newham resident Dr Ju Gosling ‘unboxing’ and installing the App for the first time. Together Unlocked! hosts, who also include former Chair of the UK Disabled People’s Council Julie Newman and Paralympian swimmer Robin Surgeoner MBE, discuss a wide range of questions, issues and concerns. Viewers can join in by Live Chat, or send questions by email.

Together Unlocked! is streamed from 3-4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on YouTube (Together 2012 CIC) or on the Together! 2012 website with live captions:

AppDates are also posted each evening on the Highlights and Links page:

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