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Information session on Covid community grants scheme

Newham Council are seeking to fund up to 8-10 small organisations for 6-12 months to work with Newham Public Health team to reach deeper and wider into communities to help support and promote take up of the Covid-19 vaccine. The programme is focused on communities where data suggests vaccine uptake is the lowest.

As part of the pre-application process LBN would like to invite you all to the C19 Vaccine Community Grant Engagement Session on Tuesday 2nd March 5:30pm-6:30pm on Zoom. This session will be providing an overview of the grant offer and what the partnership entails if you are successful and will include a Q&A session for all your queries about the application process.

Contact Zeenat Shaikh for details of the zoom meeting.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Community Engagement Grant Application Deadline: 7th March 2021

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