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#HelpNewham: Important referral information for partners (schools, early years, health & police)

#HelpNewham: Important referral information for partners (incl. schools, early years, health & police)


What is #HelpNewham?

#HelpNewham is a new service set up by Newham Council to respond to COVID-19. It provides to residents in Category A:

1. Food and essentials

2. Family boxes (with nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, formulae, some basic books/toys),

3. Prescription delivery and

4. Telephone chat/befriending service.

It is intended to support and compliment the work of the faith, VCS sectors and local mutual aid groups who are focusing on all other residents who may need support (Category B). Please only refer those to the council you believe meet the category A definition.


Category A residents:

NHS Shield list:

• Solid organ transplant recipients

• Some people with cancer who are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy

• People on immunosuppression drugs

• Women who are pregnant and have heart disease

• People with severe respiratory conditions - cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and COPD

• Some people with rare diseases such as severe combined immunodeficiency

Older people without support networks:

• Over 70+

• Live alone

• Not in receipt of council services

In Receipt of council services:

• Adult social care (mental health, older people, disabilities)

• Youth services

• Children’s social care (Child in need, Early Help, Child Protection Plans)


• Housing (temporary accommodation and homeless, not those in secure council housing)

• Other people known to the council


Please refer to the document below for information about:

  • How to refer individual category A residents

  • How to refer a group/list of category A residents

  • Referrals for residents that need family boxes

  • Weekend only - How to get out of hours food supplies

  • What to do if a resident has received a letter from NHS Shield

HelpNewham Referral for partner organisa
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