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Health Watch News - May 2020

May 2020 Dear Friends, We hope that you and your friends and families have been keeping well and safe during these uncertain times. In this edition, we have updates on:

  • Volunteers’ Week

  • Covid-19 response update

  • Residents views on how they have been affected by Covid-19

  • Our Covid-19 residents’ survey is still open

Our News

Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June 2020

To celebrate volunteers week 2020, we will be inviting all our volunteers to an online Zoom meeting on Friday 5 June 2020 10 to 11am to discuss and share ideas about the different ways we can engage more with our local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting will also be open other residents who are involved in their local community and may have ideas on how to engage with residents during Covid-19. If you are involved in your local community and have ideas on how we could improve our engagement, please get in touch. If you are interested in joining the session please email: We hope you will join us! We will also be using this opportunity to recognise all our volunteers and their outstanding contribution to all our projects over the past few years. To conclude this section we would like to share some feedback we received from two of our volunteers about their experiences of volunteering with us: “During the last year I have been involved in the Healthwatch survey of Dental Surgeries, the Healthwatch stalls at the University of East London and a survey at a GPs surgery. The stall at the University of East London, in Stratford was a five-star volunteering experience for me. I was delighted by the interest and attendance. I was even more delighted by the multidimensional display of survey subjects on the stall. It was near enough like a toy fair! I would also like to commend Becky and Kiara on this creative initiative. Which seems to me a great development over just putting out leaflets because it was more attractive and eye catching.” ~ Peter “As a volunteer for Healthwatch, it has been a really interesting experience as l visited care homes and dental practices to know more about patients’ experiences. I also learned about accessibility for disabled people and those with English as a second language. I attended the Healthwatch Newham Public Meeting which was good because we had the opportunity to ask professionals some relevant question about what we wanted as service users, what works and isn’t working in Newham. Being involved with the carers experience feedback and putting other carers in touch with Healthwatch Newham was good, especially sharing my own experience and the challenges of caring for two people with life threatening condition and autism. Working with Healthwatch Newham has been very positive for me as they listen and are willing to learn from us as service user and carers. Being a volunteer has also help me grow my confidence in my own ability.” ~ Sarifa

Covid-19 Response Update

As you may be aware, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been busy compiling a resource pack with information guidance and community support resources available to Newham residents during the lockdown. The resource pack is being updated regularly with new information and guidance including whatsapp groups in local areas, food banks and community support with shopping, meals and services. You can find the resource pack here

Residents’ Views on How They Have Been Affected by Covid-19

At the end of April we launched a community survey to find out about residents’ needs, the issues they face in accessing health and social care and any other concerns they may have during the lockdown.  The survey revealed that 56% of respondents have a disability or long-term condition and a third had difficulties finding information on how to keep safe due to lack of information in other languages, conflicting messages and missed communication from specialist support. 88% also experience some form of anxiety about work and health during the lockdown and over 50% said that Covid-19 affected their access to healthcare for other conditions. We are now raising these concerns with commissioners, providers and relevant boards to ensure residents’ concerns are addressed. You can view the full report and our full recommendation here

Our Covid-19 Residents’ Survey is Still Open The survey is open for you family and friends to complete if you have not yet done so. It will only take 10 minutes. Start the survey here.

Have Your Say

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Please do get in touch with Healthwatch at any time to find out more and to give us your feedback on services. Don't forget you can give feedback at any time on your experiences of health and social care in Newham. If you have any comments about your local services, please let us know online at or by calling 020 3866 2969.


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