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Grants for Grassroots and faith organisations

The Community Led Recovery programme offers two grant streams for communities to share insights that relate to one of more of the nine-missions set out by the London Recovery Board:

· Community Led Action Grant: offers grants of up to £9,000 to initiate social action projects which gather new insights.

· London Community Story Grant: following the success of the pilot programme, this strand will offer grants of up to £1,500 to organisations with existing projects which capture

Londoner’s experience of COVID-19, supporting them to be presented and shared to a wider audience.

Both grants are focused on user-led community, voluntary, faith, cultural and grassroots organisations who have an annual income under £250,000. London Community Story Grant has an additional interest in hearing from cultural and creative producers.

The Community Led Recovery Programme is an opportunity to embed the cross-cutting principle of engagement into your mission. To get involved we would expect you to:

· Identify a lead to build relationships and work with projects focussed on their specific mission area

· Commitment to sharing learning from their own work with projects

· Commitment to disseminating and incorporating learning from Community Led Recovery into mission development

You can find out more about the programme here or get in touch with us

To apply, complete your application form and submit via the portal by 12pm Friday 19 February 2021.


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