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Get involved in Newham local Community Assembly

Newham Council will be running various Community Assemblies between 6 April to 26 April to identify and discuss how best to address challenges in your area. The assemblies give you and your neighbours direct influence to create a shared vision for the place where you live, work or learn and to help shape its development and growth. This will be your chance to set priorities, establish community projects for your neighbourhood, influence decision making, and have a greater say in how local funding is spent.

The borough of Newham has eight Community Neighbourhoods and each neighbourhood has been allocated approximately £100,000 funding to spend on improving the area. The assemblies will deal with making improvements to that whole area rather than one particular street or ward.

You can take part by attending your local assembly and you can also submit responses onto the online platform Newham co-create and share what you think are the priorities that need to be addressed in your local neighbourhood. All assemblies will be held online via Zoom. There will be a daytime and an evening assembly session in each Community Neighbourhood. To register for your local assembly click here. Please visit the Newham co-create website to find out more about how to apply and be part of your local Community Assembly Working Group. The deadline for applications is 3 May 2021.

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