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Food Poverty and Insecurity Webinar

Inequalities Webinar - Food Poverty and Food Insecurity - 16th December 12.00-1.00

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus and increased the need for food banks to help feed our local communities.

The next ELFT inequalities webinar will focus on this growing crisis and we will hear from Dr Claire Thompson, who has undertaken extensive research into food poverty, and we will hear from local food bank providers to better understand this issue and how it impacts on our local communities. Following the talks there will be opportunity for questions and discussion and look at how ELFT can link into this work further.

This session is open for everyone and we encourage representatives from each service to attend. The webinar will help you gain understanding of the challenges experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic by our local communities.

Please click the link below to register for the webinar and access the zoom link


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