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Emergency Appeal: East London charities set up donation hubs in Newham for urgent food donations

The Renewal Programme, Bonny Downs, The Magpie Project, Alternatives and West Silvertown Foundation have set up four donation hubs in Forest Gate, East Ham, Manor Park and West Silvertown where local residents can donate urgently needed items. The charities will use these to make up relief packs and distribute them to vulnerable neighbours, including older people and young families.

The charities are asking that people able to go shopping purchase non-perishable foods including

  • tinned foods (such as meat, tuna, soup, rice pudding and fruit and vegetables)

  • jars of pasta sauce and jam,

  • dried foods (including pasta, biscuits and coffee),

  • large-size nappies, sanitary towels, soap

  • bleach, Milton tablets, washing-up liquid, washing powder and toothpaste.

Residents are invited to drop their donations of essentials to either:

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