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Covid 19 - Money management and financial hardship information for residents


Please do not be concerned or afraid to ask for help or support. These are challenging times and financial hardship is a genuine concern as a direct result of the Covid–19 situation. Newham Council is working very hard to help residents and its community.

Contact us early if you think you might need help. Please don’t wait for an account to go into arrears before contacting us. We want to help support you in these difficult times.

A number of measures have been put in place by the government to help people who may be facing financial difficulties as a result of Covid-19. There are also organisations that offer advice and support.

The document below contains a list of information which hopefully will help you find the

answers you need and put you in touch with those who can offer further advice and support or help you get back on track.

Covid 19 - Money management and financia
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