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Previous Webinars

Key Introduction to Domestic & Sexual Violence During Covid-19, 30th April 2020

This webinar was held on Thursday 30th April, providing information on what you can do to support the safety of someone and signpost to the right services. The following topics were discussed:

  • Introduction to Hestia DSV support service

  • Brief update on DSV trends across Newham during Covid-19

  • Introduction to DSV awareness – how best to support during Covid-19

Key Objectives

  • Define domestic abuse

  • Recognise indicators of abuse

  • Understand options available for support

  • Be able to respond to disclosures effectively.

Newham Introduction to Bereavement, 5th May 2020

This webinar was held on Tuesday 5th May and provided an introduction to understanding bereavement and how to communicate with those who are experiencing bereavement as well as an introduction to different bereavement cultural traditions.

Chair and Lead Trainer: Alistair Newton, Counselling Coordinator, MIND, Newham and Tower Hamlets.



Established in London in 2010, Community Matters delivers flexible and inspired management consultancy support for a wide range of clients. With emphasis on transformational change and strong partnership, we excel in helping clients understand their strengths and weaknesses, their current status and where their ultimate vision lies. Our innovative approach is based on trust and experience. We partner with our clients to build transformational programmes and long term collaborative solutions. Community Matters consults and actively implements project and programme management, service transformation, business modelling and transformation. The ethos of Community Matters originates from three key fundamentals:

  • Trust

  • Innovation

  • Quality

Our client relationships are built with a strong focus on stakeholder engagement. Our expert knowledge of health and social care allows us to provide fit for purpose consultancy services. Community Matters is distinctive in that we actively assist delivery of our recommendations for our clients. We are agile, accountable and experienced.



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