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Career opportunities for young people

News From West Ham United Foundation Moving on Up Newham programme.

Tim Campbell MBE (winner of the first UK Apprentice) is currently recruiting young black men, diverse candidates, and anyone from disadvantaged backgrounds to join his organisation who have the desire and commitment to become a trader.

His firm, OSTC, have offices around the world (China, India, Poland, Swansea) and have their head office based in Bromley. He wants to start transforming lives and giving people the opportunity to create their own wealth and buck the trend of what society and Big business expects from this demographic!

No experience is necessary, but applicants will need to meet these 4 key criteria:

  • Highly numerate

  • Passionate

  • Eager to learn

  • Having a strong internet connection in their household

Advanced numeracy skills are required in order to handle the type of work that traders do and being passionate with a strong eagerness to learn are key requirements of being successful in the position. They will also run a bespoke psychometric test and assessment to see if applicants are well-suited to a potential trading career.

All placements are paid Lond Living Wage throughout the initial 12-month training period, where upon completion they will receive a certified & accredited qualification alongside a job offer. Whilst working from home during COVID, all necessary equipment will be paid for and shipped out.

Applications will open at the start of April, with potential start dates in June for around 10 initial vacancies.

Tim will be running a promo event to highlight this opportunity on Friday 5th March @ 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Please do share this opportunity through your professional & personal networks, and directly to anyone you think may benefit.

Any interested people you may have can sign up for the event by signing up here:

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