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Can your organisation benefit from hosting a student placement?

University of Northampton are looking for placements for students working towards a Masters Degree in Youth & Community Leadership with JNC qualification. The students are motivated and seeking to build on their experience and knowledge to gain professional status in Youth & Community Development. Students can contribute to an organisation by providing extra support for young people and are able to complete projects or tasks such as community profiling, researching needs or applying for grants which teams may have less time to do particularly in our current situation. Many of the students live in the London area and are keen to give back to the communities they know and care about.

Examples of organisations that have offered placements are Youth & Community Centres, Schools or Alternative Education Providers, Drug and Alcohol Services, Targeted Intervention Teams, Disability Teams and Wellbeing Teams.

MA in Youth & Community Leadership - Sup
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If you think your organisation could host a placement for a Student studying Youth and Community Leadership, please contact

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