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At Event Cycle we’re here to help provide donations directly to you from the events industry, for free. You may know a little about the events industry, you may know a lot. But what you should know is that we produce all kinds of installations from garden projects to temporary tiny villages, stylised sets to conferences and exhibitions - with a large majority being custom builds. All of these require a whole range of materials, furniture and props which are usually recycled, disposed of or sent to sit idle in warehouses, waiting for another life. We want to change that. We want to repurpose and redistribute these items to charities like you who can put them to good use. All we need to know is what you want! What kind of items can we collect for you? Materials, furniture, props and here to find the full list How does the donation process work? Receiving a donation What else can we do for you? Not only will we provide donations to you for free, but we will also promote your charity to our network through our channels and those of our clients where we have permission. We do this through our sustainable success stories - individual write-ups on every donation we place. Sign up with us to get your donations registered today here

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