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Money and debt advice from local charity Money A+E


‘The Service that provides residents in need with benefit, debt, energy & money guidance’

Funding from the British Gas Energy Trust (BGET) will support Money in the Community, a new initiative to tackle debt, financial hardship and fuel poverty in London. The project is a partnership between London debt and money advice specialists Money A+E and Fair Money Advice, and will support Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC/BAME) and disadvantaged groups in the boroughs of Newham, and other boroughs – targeting the economic harm done to these communities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The service – which also delivers via telephone or video link – will initially focus on relieving clients’ financial hardship through support with debt, benefits and emergency grants. Clients will also be supported to improve their long-term financial stability, through training and guidance on budgeting, savings habits and making better energy choices. In this way the project aims to target long-term reductions in fuel poverty and reduced financial hardship for DECs and disadvantaged groups.

To refer residents in Newham please contact Money A+E



07596 956075 (Anna) or 07753 439551 (Jeredine)

Social Media / Twitter @moneyaande / Facebook @moneyae

Greg Ashby

Director of Operations & Co-Founder

T: 0208 616 3750

M: 07947 080 893

My office working days are Monday – Thursday (9am-5pm)

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